Henrik Karlsen

Tlf: +45 2461 6480

Mail: hk@bluetrampoline.com


Henrik is 46 years old, founder og Blue Trampo­line and one of Europe’s leading experts on innova­tion management.

Since 2005 Henrik has helped more than 100 compa­nies to improve their innova­tion capacity, so they can innovate  better and with bigger business impact.

Before founding Blue Trampo­line, Henrik had an inter­na­tio­nal career in Chicago and London where he worked for bluechip compa­nies such Frost & Sulli­van, Gartner and ideaPilot.

Inden Henrik etable­rede Blue Trampo­line, boede og arbej­dede han i Chicago og London for virksom­he­der som Frost & Sulli­van, Gartner og ideaPilot.

Besides his practi­cal experi­ence Henrik has comple­ted exten­sive innova­tion manage­ment training at INSEAD in Paris. He also holds an MBA from Henley Business School in the UK.