Better innova­tion projects

Reduce time-to-market for your best ideas

Our venture based appro­ach to innova­tion help compa­nies to innovate faster and better — and for less money.

Our ambition is to help our customers

Innovate as good as the best startups

It is no longer the large compa­nies that beat the small ones. Today it is the fast and innova­tive that win against the slow and bureaucra­tic ones. The ability to innovate with impact deter­mi­nes, who will be the winners of tomorrow.

Our ambition is to help our custo­mers to reduce time-to-market for their best ideas. Ideas that excite their custo­mers and users — and create new and scalable business opportunities.


Generate three great ideas in just on hour

Design sprint

Solve a criti­cal challenge in just one week


SKOV accele­ra­tes its digital innova­tion effort

By turbo charging its digital innova­tion effort, SKOV are outgrowing the market. Blue Trampo­line help them accelerate.

Business model innovation

Scale your ideas with the right business model

Your return-on-innova­tion can tenfold, if your products and servi­ces are integra­ted in the right business model.

Tired of business cases with no legs to walk on?

Test and validate your criti­cal assumptions

Test and validate those criti­cal assump­tions that must be true for your innova­tion project to hold water.

Case from car industry

Omnicar makes it easier to own a car

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