SKOV builds stron­ger market position through digital innovation

By turbo charging its digital innova­tion effort, SKOV are outgrowing the market. Blue Trampo­line helped them accele­rate their innova­tion effort.

About the partners­hip with Blue Trampoline

“We now have a faster and better appro­ach to digital innova­tion, which have impro­ved our market position“

Søren Smede­gaard
Direk­tør, Business Devel­op­ment, SKOV

The challenge

SKOV was challen­ged by new market demands

SKOV, which is one of the world’s leading suppli­ers of climate and farm manage­ment solutions for the poultry and pig production indus­try, experi­en­ced a growing demand for data manage­ment and digital solutions.

The leaders­hip team was quick to respond to this need and initi­a­ted a big project, which should help SKOV get on the forefront, when it comes to digital solutions. The project was well finan­ced and staffed with highly experi­en­ced and quali­fied people.

It did not take long before the leaders­hip team learned about the diffi­cul­ties in creat­ing real progress and bringing good ideas to the market that could help their custo­mers build a better and more data driven business.

After a short asses­sment of the compa­ny’s innova­tion process it was conclu­ded that a more agile and experi­men­tal appro­ach was needed for its digital innova­tion effort.

The solution

New appro­ach to digital innova­tion through three effici­ent levers

SKOV already had some experi­ence in integrat­ing digital elements into its physi­cal products. But it was untou­ched terri­tory to design new, digital and custo­mer centric solutions, which ideally should become a stand-alone business.

To accele­rate this new level of innova­tion we did three things, which helped SKOV to improve its corporate innova­tion capacity.

The first thing was to design a clear vision and strategy for digital innova­tion at SKOV. A clear leaders­hip mandate was also given to help make it clear, who was in charge and to promote quick decision making.

The second thing we did was to create an autono­mous struc­ture sound digital innova­tion. That gives innova­tion teams the opportu­nity and freedom to design and promote the digital solution and business models that gain most traction among custo­mers and users.

The last initi­a­tive was to design an agile and yet syste­ma­tic innova­tion model and to promote the behavior and practice, which increase the changes of making progress — and creat­ing real impact. That was the corner­stone in the project.

To validate the new appro­ach to digital innova­tion, which is based on best practi­ces from design thinking and lean startup, we tested it on several pilot projects. That gave both quick learnings and rapid results.

All pilot projects started with a design sprint, where small teams devel­oped ideas within the strate­gic bounda­ries set in the innova­tion strategy. That resul­tet in a lot of great ideas and exciting proto­ty­pes, which were tested on real life users and customers.

The the most promi­sing proto­ty­pes was launched as minimal awesome products and ones that gained most market traction, was impro­ved and perfected. Today the create real business value for SKOV’s custo­mers all over the world.

The results

From design sprint to strate­gic business unit

The three changes, which Blue Trampo­line helped SKOV imple­ment, have created real results. Both short term and on a longer and more strate­gic horizon.

By imple­men­ting a new appro­ach to digital innova­tion, SKOV have succe­e­ded in bringing the right solutions to the market place in a faster and cheaper way. Initi­ally through minimal awesome products, which are impro­ved and perfected gradu­ally through real custo­mer and user feedback.

The growing portfo­lio of digital and innova­tive solutions have given the company a compe­ti­tive advan­tage in the market. Partly because it has provi­ded SKOV with a new and strate­gic business unit with new revenue streams, but also because it has positio­ned SKOV stron­ger in a market with growing demand for preci­sion livestock farming. This compe­ti­tive advan­tage can be seen on the compa­ny’s revenue, which outgrows the market’s.

The early and strong strate­gic anchor­ing and the way the new way of working has created quick and measu­rable results have motiva­ted the leaders­hip team to organise SKOV’s digital innova­tion in an indepen­dent business unit, which already accounts for 5% of the compa­ny’s total revenue. This is expected to grow, as new slotions are desig­ned, launched and scaled.

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