June 22: How incum­bent banks can disrupt the disruptors

Attend this live webinar and learn how and why three fast growing Finte­chs are disrup­ting the banking indus­try and what incum­bent bank can do to respond. 

Last year more than $100 bn was invested in Fintech accor­ding to KPMG. This was the third highest annual total ever thanks to strong venture capital invest­ments throug­hout the pande­mic year. 2020 was a also the year, where valua­tions of many public listed Finte­chs reached all time highs, leaving investors in tradi­tio­nal high street banks disillusioned.

But who are these fast growing Finte­chs and why are they so succes­sful in disrup­ting one of the biggest and most power­ful industries on the planet? And why are incum­bent banks having such a hard time keeping pace with their own innova­tion? And what can they do to change that?

These are some of the questions, which Henrik Karlsen and Nils Elmark will discuss in this live webinar, which is schedu­led for 22 June at 11:00 CET.

Five reasons to attend this webinar

The webinar is schedu­led to take an hour and you will learn:

  • About three speci­fic and fast growing Finte­chs, who are disrup­tion the banking indus­try right now.
  • The strate­gies these three Finte­chs are using and why they are so successful.
  • Why incum­bent banks are having a hard time respon­ding to disruption.
  • How incum­bent banks can design an innova­tion engine, which will enable them to explore the future while manag­ing the core business.
  • How to get strate­gic stake­hol­ders excited about innovation.

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