Innova­tion readiness

Your capacity to innovate is decisive for your ability to compete

We have helped more than 250 compa­nies to innovate faster, cheaper and with greater business impact. Most of our servi­ces can be delive­red remote.
About innova­tion readiness

Your ability to innovate should be your most important asset

89% of all organi­sa­tions agree that their ability to innovate is crucial for their future growth and compe­ti­ti­ve­ness. Yet only 6% of all CEO’s are satis­fied with the achie­ved impact of innovation.
The innova­tion readi­ness level of establis­hed compa­nies must there­fore be impro­ved. Below you can learn more about our servi­ces, which have help more than 250 private and public compa­nies to innovate better.
Innova­tion readi­ness assessment

Get a plan for improving your innova­tion readi­ness level

Innova­tion strategy

Get a future orien­ted vision and strategy for innovation

Organi­sing for innovation

Give your innova­tion teams the organi­sa­tio­nal design to perform

Innova­tion models

Innovate faster, cheaper and with greater impact with our venture based model

Innova­tion Excel­lence Program

The fastest and most affor­dable way to become a corporate innova­tion machine

Innova­tion accounting

Measure and commu­ni­cate your return-on-innovation

12 hacks from the most innova­tion friendly companies

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