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Tomor­row’s winners are created through innovation

Since 2005 we have helped ambitious compa­nies to innovate faster, for less money and with greater business impact.

Our ambition is to help our customers

Innovate as good as the best startups

It is no longer the largest compa­nies, who win against the small ones. Today it is the fast and innova­tive, who disrupt the slow and unadven­tu­rous ones. The ability to innovate will deter­mine, who will be the winners of the future

Our mission is to help large compa­nies innovate as good as the startups, who is trying to disrupt them. So they can stay relevant for custo­mers, employ­ees and shareholders. 

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We have liste­ned to 24 compa­nies’ earnings calls to find our, how much CEO’s talk about innova­tion. See what we found out.

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